I haven’t had a chance to write in a while. I’ve been taking on new commissions and finishing up a couple other projects, which brings me to this topic. “What I didn’t realize I’d have to invest to run an art business” Switching art from a hobby to a business […]

What I didn’t realize I’d have to invest to run ...

I’m not a fan of drab. Can you tell? I’ve been painting for years now, and though I’ve done several portraits, I’m still developing my personal style outside of them. I’m working on my own characters and it really is something that comes about over time and after a lot […]

What Inspired My Style of Colorful Portraits?

Hi peeps! So that’s quite a few demanding hats aye? Mama. Homeschooler. And Artist. That’s plenty to keep me busy, and I’m all of these all the time. My oldest daughter Nandi is 6. She’s pretty easy going and aside from random bouts of affection, she doesn’t need too much. […]

What it’s like being a Homeschooling Mama Artist

Sometimes a self-hug is the best hug
I’m a mother. I know, I know. Plenty of women are mothers. But this is about me right now, ya dig? So I’ve birthed two little women, at home, unassisted. Yeah, I did that. On purpose. I had a fairly late start to motherhood, my first was born when I […]

Why I Do What I Do

Hey peeps! So it turns out that being an artist is a pretty solo occupation. A LOT of what you do is by yourself. The act of creating is often done alone, but even the business side is pretty much a one-person show until you grow  to be able to […]

Top 4 Things I’ve Learned From Other Artists So Far

colour-pencils-450621_1920 (1)
Representation is important. Like, life and death important in some instances. We currently live in a society where there are entire communities who are made to feel small, less than, invisible. It effects the psyche in ways unimaginable, yet very real. From little black girls wanting to bleach their skin, […]

Artist Spotlight: MarkusPrimeLives

There are many artists who make me Sometimes I get lost in their social media accounts and websites until I snap myself out of it. I want to share a new artist with you every week, so bear with me as I bounce back and forth on who to pick next.  […]

Artist Spotlight: ThatArtista

Thanks to the advances in technology and social media, there are many ways to sell art. Gone are the days of galleries and brokers being a necessity. You can create your own gallery online and in person if you like. Some of us like to take advantage of the traffic […]

Must-Have Tips to Transport Your Art Safely

Some say, a job is only as good as the tools used to complete it. Well, that’s debatable. Talent and skill have a lot to do with it, but when it comes to artistry? Certain tools can make your life so much easier. My latest addition to my art supply […]

My Newest Favorite Art Supply

Hi everyone! I wanna speak to my fellow visual artists specifically for this one, because you can feel my pain. You’ve created this beautiful piece. You want people to see it. You plan to plaster it all over the internet because, well, that’s what you do. Out comes the camera […]

How to Photograph Your Art